About us

About us?
We are Moviles House Outlet Store S.R.L., a company created in 2018 based in Torrente, Valencia. We are dedicated to the commercialization of new, semi-new and used products of the Apple brand. We have managed to position ourselves in the national and European market, with our original and unreconditioned products at very competitive prices.
Our goal is to offer our clients an excellent service, in order to meet their professional expectations.

Our products
All our products are reviewed and tested by our highly qualified technical service. All our products retain their original parts, without any repair or replacement, with which we can guarantee their correct long-term operation.
Depending on the aesthetic use marks of our used products, we offer a price range.

Our team
Our main value is the team of professionals that make up Moviles House Outlet Store S.R.L., whose will is to act as an effective tool at the service of our clients and in defense of their interests.
We have a multidisciplinary technical team with extensive experience, made up of technical engineers, web designers, logistics department, customer service, etc.

Our professional commitment
Training programs are continuously established, which allow us to have a highly qualified staff to support any type of professional requirement.

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